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Can I Make Her a Lesbian? Part 7
The following morning, I went to school as usual. But this time, there was one person I wanted to see.
“May!” I yelled as she was standing around with Alli and her friends. “I want to speak with you. Privately.”
We went down the hallways to the classroom where it all began. I sat on a desk and looked at her. “Look May,” I said, “I got that kiss, so it’s time for you to hold up your end of the bargain! Turn me back and work your magic.”
May sighed. “Do you still believe in things as silly as magic?” she asked.
“Of course I do!” I said. “How else would you do all this?”
May sat down. “If I told you there is no such thing as magic, what would you do?”
“Call you a liar,” I responded. I was getting angry.
“Well then, call me a liar,” she said. “Look, I lied to you when I pretended to be a witch. I have no powers like that, and I don’t think anyone in this
:iconmeliran:Meliran 85 22
Human!Tavros x Reader : Tattoo Parlor
“I can’t do this, oh my gog, I can’t do this. I can’t, ___-- oh gog, no. I uh.. oh shit. Shit. Fuck this. Just do it. Just get it over with. I hate you, ____. Wait!
I take that back, I don’t mean that. I don’t hate you. But gog, that needle is - oh. Oh fuck me.”
You stared at your friend, gaping at the amount of curses that just spilled out of his mouth. Sure, you understood he was scared, but wow.
“Shh, Tav-baby, it’s okay. It won’t hurt too much, alright? It’s just a pinch! Don’t look at the needle and it won’t hurt as much.” You shooshed him soothingly, taking hold of his hand and preparing for the deathly grip that he was surely going to bestow on you.
A man dressed in a loosely tucked in black, button down shirt and jeans approached, slapping the latex gloves that his hands adorned. Tavros flinched from his seat on the stool, nervously toying with his fingers. You rubbed his forearm in attempt to c
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 83 8
Prom TG
Tonight was the night. The night of the end of school prom. The prom where everyone would be there with their dates. Everyone except me. As I looked at the suit that hung upon my door, all I could think was, "I'm not going." It would be far too embaressing as I stand at the side of the dancefloor, alone, watching all the couples dance together.
Then my mother wlaked in.
"Craig, I got the bow tie for your suit tonight"
"I don't care. I'm not going"
"Nonsense. Of course you're going. Every student leaving school needs a prom, it's all part of the experience. Now get your suit on, I need a photo of you before you leave"
So, I got into my suit and, as much as I hate looking at myself in the mirror, I thought I looked pretty good in it.
Suddenly, I fell to my knees, pain filling my entire body.
My suit started changing colour, into red or crimson. Then, the legs of my now red trousers began to merge together into one. The sleeves of my jacket simply disintergrated into non-existence meanwhi
:iconthisisboring43:thisisboring43 214 13


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